Bryce Ritter Custom Furniture creations are sold direct to home owners and general contractors, or through interior designers.

The best way to work with us is to contact us by phone or email.

It’s art, no two pieces alike

Every Bryce Ritter piece is different. If you want something you see here, we will make it for you with the understanding that it will not be an exact match in every detail. However, we are excellent at delivering custom products that capture the very same aura and character of those displayed on our site.

Purchase from inventory

Sometimes we have inventory pieces that are a good fit for what you seek. Visit our Showcase to shop our current inventory.

Custom design

Other times you may have a certain idea in mind. We specialize in making furniture to your specifications. Satisfaction is always guaranteed with Bryce Ritter Custom Furniture.

Supply materials

We also build furniture from materials supplied by customers. For one client, old floorboard planks from the family homestead were re-purposed into a dining room tabletop, coffee table and end tables, transforming them into instant heirlooms.